Wanted PADI Instructor, isolated island S.E. Asia.

  • Full Time
  • Vietnam

In your cover letter please tell me roughly when you can be on a plane, please mention that you have actually read and understand the job posting.
Failure to do so will ensure your email will be deleted. I am so tired (as is every other dive shop owner that I know) of being spammed with irrelevant resumes, often by the same people year after year, please save our time for the qualified people who can get and keep a job.

We are looking for an instructor to fill a vacancy in our small dive operation. Male / female. Single, as there are no jobs for significant others on our island.

We would like to have you here in Vietnam essentially as soon as possible. Our current instructor has been offered his dream job, and we want to support him by getting his replacement here immediately.
Please tell me when you can be ready to leave your current location and head to Vietnam.

Please note, we are an entirely recreational operation. We do not even provide nitrox, in four years in business there have been about 20 requests for it. A reliable supply of oxygen is questionable and our dive profiles are generally quite moderate. If you are a techie, you will have no opportunity to use all of that expensive gear and training. I have found that those with technical training often present themselves well but I am reluctant to hire them as our diving will not suit their training and skills. For sure I have the only twin set on the island.

If you are truly a “Pro” you will enjoy working here, as everything is done correctly.
If you have not figured out that regulators do not go on the floor of the boat and masks do not go on the gunwale, this is not for you.
If you do not have the ability to see the masks on the gunwale or the regs on the floor, this is not for you.

We do everything properly, to the point of being the only dive shop in the country to get proper work permits and documentation for our staff.

This position is intended for a person able to commit for a minimum of 18 months and preferably 2 years, work permits cost a fortune and take months to get.

We have a very light work load, in our busiest season our boat only goes out 15-20 days a month. So you should be the type that can keep yourself occupied.
Course numbers are few, so if you are looking to run up your certs, it will be slow going.

Required abilities include but are not limited to:
An out going personality.
Detail oriented. (This will come back to haunt you if you fib.)
Customer service oriented, I cannot stress this enough.
A positive progressive attitude.
No drugs, minimal drinking. (I don’t care if you drink in moderation, but on this small conservative island, it will not reflect well on our business if you are seen in the one bar all the time.
The ability to cope with our isolated remote island location.
Cultural and environmental awareness and sensitivity will be very important, we are well respected in the community and we need to maintain this standing.
No excessive tattoos.
Piercings limited to your ears.
Team player.
Open mind.
Passionate about diving and the sea, and be able to convey that passion.
A male or female, mid twenties to early thirties.
There is a lot of flexibility in regard to age, but maturity goes a long way here.

Situational awareness is a key attribute of a dive pro,.
I expect you to have this attribute. I cannot stress this point strongly enough.
If you do not have it, please do not apply. (This will also haunt you if you fib)

Monolingual English is okay but multilingual helps. Basic French/German are a plus.
Compensation will be among the best in the country for the right person. Numbers will be discussed with applicants who are shortlisted.

We will provide a room, basic food, base salary plus commissions.
Please send cover letter, a small photo along with a resume in English.
Compensation will be among the best in the country but this is Vietnam, salaries are not high. Please allow me to assure you it is not because I am getting rich off your labor.
You certainly will cover all of your living expenses and save some money.

This is not your normal job listing, “Instructor needed now for season in Greece”
We value our staff and want to hire the right people, who will be with us for a long time.
I am providing you this information to save you the time of writing to me if it is not for you.
I do not want to have anybody come here only to be on a plane a couple of weeks later looking for another job.

You will be expected to have all of your own gear and the judgement and maturity to run my boat with the aid of a local dive master and my three boat staff, (Captain, mechanic and deck hand) who are all locals.

We work hard to preserve and hopefully restore the last remaining near pristine marine environment in Vietnam.
Please, no Koh Tao trained newly minted instructors. Sorry, been there done that, not going to argue about it.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, references will be checked.
Workload is light; our boat goes out at a maximum of 20 days a month, but they can be long days when we are busy.
Cover letter, resume and photo to slowy@gmx.com

To apply for this job email your details to slowy@gmx.com