PADI Instructor/50 ton Relief Captain HONOLULU HAWAII

  • Full Time
  • Hawaii

Busy and ever expanding dive center with 4 locations and 5 boats (most having daily trips) seeks 50 ton USCG licensed Captains, dive instructors (MSDT preferred, OWSI minimum), and shop staff.
Instructors work on a rotation leading certified dives, conducting pool then ocean DSDS, DSDs straight to ocean with skills on the line, teaching 3 day OW classes, teaching specialties from the boat, teaching land based courses – EFR, Nitrox, etc. Must be willing and able to do all.

Dive instructors must provide: reliable transportation to dive centers (you can live within walking distance), cell phone that you answer (lots of last minute scheduling – we are tourist destination and you have to be willing to come in at short notice – at least most of the time), professional liability insurance, DAN insurance, dive gear with surface marker maintained at professional quality. Dive instructors must be willing to strictly comply with PADI standards (not just the ones that you agree with, but all of them).
Captains must provide : Current USCG master near coastal, Current First Aid/CPR Certification, Current Instructor or Divemaster qualifications

Primary consideration for employment: you wake up happy, ready to dive with new people, spread your enjoyment of diving to our customers (a 5 star review is nice), and are grateful to them for providing you with the opportunity to scuba dive for a living. Our team is comprised of positive, supportive professionals from all backgrounds, and in order for us to maintain such an amazing, talented and diverse team we only keep open minded TEAM PLAYERS. Also, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU ARE A US CITIZEN OR HOLD A CURRENT WORK VISA. I will not bother sponsoring or waiting for anyone to acquire work permits, it’s too much of a hassle. Please also include an indication that you “read this ENTIRE post” and aren’t just blindly applying to every add on the PADI board (include this in your cover letter to be considered for employment, we don’t need people who can’t read a few paragraphs, the devil is in the details).

Common questions: how cold is the water? 70F to 81F depending on season
How much will I make? Depends on performance, reviews, and how much YES you say when your coworkers ask you to help them with last minute bookings. Since that is about 50% of the work you will get assigned it varies a lot. Our best Yes men/women make over 2k a month. We have some people that work about 15 days a month and make around 1.3K plus tips. If you learn to work EVE in the shop and start selling your diving customers gear/classes there is a 5% commission structure in place with 10% for ConEd. Works for some, others can’t be bothered and let the shop staff handle it. The money is there if you work for it. Obviously, you are not going to get rich, but you will make a living. There are captain, sales, marketing and management positions to grow into for the right people. Not required or by any means guaranteed, but the possibilities exist for future growth.
How much does it cost to live there? Most of the staff are sharing rooms in local houses. Nice living arrangement at 600-800 a month. Pretty nice houses near the beaches.

How long do I have to train? Depends on your skill level on arrival, but we don’t train instructors, you should already know how to do that, we just familiarize you with our dive sites, standards, and logistic procedures. You may be greener (that’s okay, personality first), but a seasoned pro should need no more than 1 or 2 days on each boat, one day of observing DSDs program and learning pool procedures, and assisting one day of an OW classes before you are good to go.

In order to expedite and simplify the employment process, completing the following directions will improve your chances for a successful application:
1) state that you are a US citizen or current work visa holder in your cover letter
2) send resume
3) send all to

To apply for this job email your details to