Dive Centre Name: Aquatica Dive & Surf
Dive Centre Web site: www.aquaticadive-surf.com
Location: Puerto Rico
Dive Centre Description:
Family Owned and Operated with Over 30 Years Experience with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s Endorsement! A Full Service Dive, Surf and SUP store. Lessons and guided tours for it all!!! The Best DivIng on the West Coast of Puerto Rico!!

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Aquatica Dive & Surf Dive Centre
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 12 reviews
 by Jon
Scuba and marriage proposal all in one

Great dive they helped my husband plan his proposal to me.

Good job guys you got me. Pricy but satisfied.

 by Harry
All purpose dive shop.

All purpose dive shop.
All staff are very experienced and you can ask them anything.

I recommend doing any of your scuba learning or scuba training through these guys, and they offer a one day dive learning course if you need to get the more tedious part of your certification out of the way.

 by Issie
Getting Scuba certified was one of the best decisions I've ever made

Finally got to live my lifelong dream of being a mermaid. Getting Scuba certified was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
We enjoyed our weekend so much we're going back this weekend to get Open Water Certified. Do this!!

You won't regret it.

 by Anonymous
No discount for your own diving equipment

Even though their shore dives prices are just as high as a boat dive, you have to drive to meet them at the shore and there is no discount if you own your own equipment. I have not found the diving in Puerto Rico good enough to support the kind of prices they want. I plan to save my diving time and money for other places. They seem to be tapping the unknowing tourist.

 by Anonymous
Really Enjoyed My Dive with Jose

Went on an amazing DPV dive with Jose. It was my first time using a DPV and I highly recommend it. We were able to cover so much more ground and stay under for quite a while. The diving is superb, water was perfect, visibility was high, lots of fish and corals to see.
Aquatica PR is a nice shop as well, they probably have just about everything you need.

 by Gio
Jose is THE BEST

At first I thought the price was a little expensive and I almost cancelled our pair lesson so that my wife could learn solo. I am so glad that I went along for the lessons.

First, the manager is the sweetest lady from the states who loves helping people find their fun. She was accommodating with the times and dates of our requested lessons and also with payment and answering all of our questions about the shop, the island, etc.

Our teacher, Josè, could not have any better and more perfectly suited for our training needs if he had been cast from the thunderbolts of Mt. Olympus by almighty Thor himself.

He arrived on time, took his time explaining each step of our daily surfing journey, made sure we understood everything he explained and took great care that me and my wife were confident in both his and our own expectations for our lessons.

It helped that the surf gods smiled upon us and gave us 2 perfect days of waves with very few people interfering and perfect waves to learn on.

Josè did a phenomenal job balancing the arduous chore positioning my big 6'3" frame and my little wife in the surf all the while make sure that we were safe at all times. On several occasions he even took the time to warn other surfers nearby of the looming dangers of the bay we were surfing.

I cannot heap enough praise onto Josè for his professionalism and patience as he was able to get both of us to successfully surf on our own. His love for the sport and his passion for his craft comes through in every word he speaks and we were always able to find him clapping or jumping and waving or "hanging loose" at the end of every wave.

Thank you for giving us an amazing surfing experience we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Notes: if you are big, like me, wear long board shorts. If you get placed with the large board your knees will get chewed up from the rough board surface.
If you have access to it, get really good face sunscreen. The kind that doesn't run and also sticks to your face in the salty surf.
Stretch before hand! When the instructor talks about the importance of stretching, he ain't joking.
This is an aerobic workout. You are gonna get bucked and dunked rolled and beat up, and it is gonna be awesome, but also exhausting. Be prepared for this and you will have an amazing time.

 by Tony
Diving for Fun

José and hi staff are pretty awesome. For all your diving needs, training and fun, they are the place to go.

 by Tom
Another Great Dive

Enjoy taking visitors to Aquatica (West Side Island) for both discover dives with new enthusiast already certified. Great locations for discovers, for sure to be hooked the 1st time.

 by Darrin
Excellent dive shop!!!

I can't say enough good things about this place. Our family was in PR for 8 days and they took good care of us the entire time we were here. They took us out on several awesome dives, fixed some of our equipment issues, and were super friendly. They had good prices and a good selection. They even told us the days that were not a good day to go out, saving us time, money and trouble.

 by Andrea
Great Diving, Great Crew!

I finished up open water dive certification with Aquatica Dive and Surf, during a recent trip to PR. I had completed the course and pool work a couple of years before, and was rusty on some of the test material. Rai, and the crew at Aquatica made me feel comfortable, prepared, and ready to dive. I can't recommend them enough!

 by JW
Extremely Service Oriented

I first dove with Jose in 1997. Upon returning in 2017 and reminding him of our dives, and showing him his signatures in my dive book, I am certain he had no recollection of me, but he treated me as an old friend. He was extremely fair and trusting with his scuba rentals and his dive prices. The service he provides, from chartering the boat, to guiding the dive, to even taking a video that he edits and post on YouTube after the dive... it is awesome. I have no plans to dive anywhere else when in Puerto Rico.

 by Oliver
5* training in one of the best places for diving!

I visited Puerto recently with the intent on learning to dive. The first day I was there I managed to start my open water course. My instuctor was an exceptional teacher with plenty of experiance. I also went on to do my advanced open water and Nitrox courses.

Everything is organised for you.

I highly recommend this dive center.